🍿 Open Tech Will Save Us is back this month with a live episode on open standards!

Should I care about it? Is it only a technical problem? What does it bring to the table in practice?

The fine folks of @libreoffice @openstreetmap and Element will answer YOUR questions.

📆 April 27, 18:00 CEST

💬 Join the chat to ask questions to our guests at matrix.to/#/#otwsu:matrix.org

▶️ Watch it live on stream.matrix.org or on YouTube youtube.com/c/Matrixdotorg

🌐 Details on matrix.org/open-tech-will-save


@matrix @libreoffice @openstreetmap

there's always the option to go back to zero-tec-campfires ;-)
you wouldn't get any more private than that ;-)


Both open fires and wild camping are illegal in my country so gonna stick with matrix


barbecue and your friends place with cellphones off and some alcohol will work as well :-)

Aye, aye, captain!
Already working on it

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