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What is the best money (Januar 2021)

Do you agree? disagree? Let's talk about it.

Rating criterea:
- general acceptance as money
- control over your money
- censorship resistance
- usabilty
- unit of account
- medium of exchange
- scarcity
- store of value
- durability
- divisibility
- transportability
- fungibility
- verifiability scarcity
- verifiability monetary policy
- verifiability fake money detection
- anonymity
- automation of payments
- maintenance (cost, complexity)

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Every time we have a power outage our stove reminds me that some asshat out there gave it’s blessing to this non battery backed single knob operated clock (and date) settings dialog. Followed by “First time setup done – you can now use the product”

Some day I will find you. (

German banks are essentially telling customers to take their deposits elsewhere because the firms can't afford to keep absorbing the negative interest rates they're being charged at the ECB.

Long positions decreasing and shorts increasing.
Within the last pricedrop (57400 -> 45600) $9133000000 worth of long positions got liquidated and there is still a lot more long positions ready to be squeezed.

"Anyone who tries to fuck with Nakamoto Consensus is an enemy of "

Stolen from: @j

If you didn't love #Bitcoin at it's "worst" you don't deserve it at it's "best" 😏.
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How it started How it’s going @APompliano

Today we are proud to announce our presence on Mastodon as well as the release of Mastodon for the Embassy!

Why still sucks

- Computer crashing on game exit
- Computer crashing on minimizing game


One of my transactions is about to be purged after weeks of waiting. Can we please start another scaling debate?

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• State legislative priority
• Paying employees in Bitcoin
• Investing City treasury in Bitcoin

We got it done ✅

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