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Ich finde Homöopathie komplett scheiße.. nichts desto trotz traue ich den cuttern von ARD nicht. Wo finde ich das Interview ungeschnitten in voller Länge?



jitsi - video-chatting

peertube - opensource Youtube

nextcloud - opensource Dropbox

mastodon - opensource Twitter

searx - opensource google search

onlyoffice - opensource office

matrix - opensource chatserver

element - opensource chatclient


Whats your position? We can not operate without big tech companies?

What is the software that is not replaceable?

smartphone: buy a fairphone with google-free-android


I guess they will be remembered as..probably didn't want to be evil..ended up evil.


Google? Isn't that the company that built a global mass surveillance system under the guise of "personalized advertising"?


Isolation/Einsamkeit ist ein ernstes gesundheitliches Problem und sollte nicht unterschätzt werden.

inflation is very good for debters xD
..not so good for savers xD


why not me? because i don't cry about how bad society is and that anarchy is the solution, bro.


yeah..why don't you just go ahead and live in the woods than, bro?


so we should become raping pirates?

"Vikings[a] is the modern name given to seafaring Norse pirates from southern Scandinavia (present-day Denmark, Norway and Sweden)[3][4][5] who from the late 8th to the late 11th centuries raided, pirated, traded and settled throughout parts of Europe."


na komm schon. die katholische Kirche hat mit ihren kinderficker skandalen doch schon genug PR-Probleme xD


jesus fucking christ...

so what is your position?
laws are evil and society should revert back to the "law of retaliation"?


so basically if i split your head in half with my axe, its your fault, because you could have dodged?


You wanted to know why it does matter for people how much somebody is worth.

i told you that there is a theory on fairness in mammals that might shift the discussion towars biology.

sorry. i can't follow your thoughts..i must be too stupid

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