Please put me in charge of Mozilla Corp so that I can [checks notes] kill Mozilla Corp, divert all the dead-end work on Gecko into an engine that's going to be here in 2 years so we can all take on Apple together.

The failings of Safari + WebKit to provide a good web experience are lessened when Firefox is still out there being used by 18 people with high tolerance for garbage experiences.

"Safari isn't THAT bad, I mean look at Firefox..."

In the absence of legislation to force Apple to make a competitive browser, making it obvious how terrible the one they allow you to use is the ONLY answer.

They're not going to allow engine choice, so let's make them so embarrassed by theirs they have to match the other one.



Why do you care what the monkeys in the other camp over there are using for tools?


If you don't like apple, don't buy it.
Take a look at fairphone 🙂

apple doesn't care about its customers or the environment. they are only interested in sales and the quick money.


five arguments
1. Apple is the biggest opponent of the "right to repair", which is currently being discussed in the USA.
"What is Right to Repair? An introduction for curious people." "


2. Apple swaps screws that are easy to loosen for exotic screws to make repairs more difficult.
"Apple's Diabolical Plan to Screw your iPhone"


3. Apple binds its hardware together cryptographically to prevent non-certified workshops from repairing iPhones.
"iPhone 12 Anti Repair Design - Teardown and Repair Assessment"


4. apple is not interested in recovering its customers' data from damaged iphones. they just say it's impossible to sell you a new iphone faster.
"Expert disputes Apple on data recovery from water-damaged iPhones"

@mk I develop for the web. I care because Apple's refusal to support the web in any meaningful way means I can't ship things to Apple users, which, in the US, is most users.


But those monkeys are living in some kind of stockholm relationship with their leader and they would believe "your lies" ;-)


Loss aversion
"People are more willing to take risks to avoid a loss than to make a gain."

Status quo bias
"Status quo bias is evident when people prefer things to stay the same by doing nothing or by sticking with a decision made previously"


Sunk cost fallacy

"For example, individuals sometimes order too much food and then over-eat just to 'get their money’s worth'."

@mk I'm saying shaming Apple should be the goal, not shaming Apple users. You're correct that the users are impervious to shame.


This will make apple lose reputation against external users. internal will probably rally behind their leader.


This works long term.

If you want to change something short term, you better be another big tech company and sue your way into change.

just like
- epic vs apple on app-store issues
- microsoft and the browser monopol issue

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