Here's how I see the browser wars concluding:

Apple realizes that if they simply purchase the always-on-the-verge-of-failing Mozilla Corporation for a song, they can add that $300+ million a year from Google on top of the $12+ billion a year they already get from Google.

They rip whatever renderer Firefox uses this year out and shove webkit in, even on the desktop. Problem solved.

All 18 Firefox users get angry, some of them decide to fork it to keep in Gecko. Miraculously, 11 of them actually switch to the new fork, but t hen the remaining 7 decide Gecko is a waste of time and startup work on Servo again.

There's a dramatic rift and now we have two forks of Firefox that nobody is going to use alongside the official webkit branch that people actually use.

Look, I know this sounds silly, but I've seen some shit. I remember Ketscape.

(After open-sourcing Netscape, some KDE users went to the effort of yanking out Motif and replacing it with Qt so it'd fit better in KDE.)

Remember in 2004, when nerds decided that KHTML (the granddaddy of WebKit) wasnt good enough, so they ported Gecko to Qt so browsers on KDE could use it instead of KHTML? That was 3 years before KDE replaced KHTML with WebKit, which Apple forked several years earlier.

So Apple forked KHTML to WebKit. The KDE people found working with Apple on WebKit to be too painful, so they gave up and just adopted WebKit.

Google adopted WebKit, but then found working with Apple too painful, so forked it to Blink.

Microsoft and Opera just used Blink.



When power play gets more important than writing good code 🙂

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