Uhm, that didn't take long:

"Freenode IRC operators now engaging in routine abuses of power"


@mk @fribbledom Did you have to configure your Element web client to allow guest access? I don’t think I quite understand how to enable guest access.

@kenny @fribbledom

no you just change your matrix configuration (homeserver.yaml) to accept guests.

# Allows users to register as guests without a password/email/etc, and
# participate in rooms hosted on this server which have been made
# accessible to anonymous users.
allow_guest_access: true
And than you create a public room that guests can enter.

@kenny @fribbledom

for some reason it doesn't work with rooms that are created from within a space.

but if you create the room outside the space and then include the existing room into the space, it seems to work.

@mk @fribbledom I have configured my server like this. I wonder if its because I’m testing from app.element.io and they have guess access disabled but your copy of Element Web has it enabled.

@kenny @fribbledom

hmm it looks like you need your own element client that defaults to your homeserver.

version: '3.3'
image: vectorim/riot-web
restart: unless-stopped
- published: 8888
target: 80
mode: host
- type: bind
source: ./config.json
target: /app/config.json

@mk @fribbledom I confirmed that app.element.io doesn’t have guess access enabled. Conclusion: host your own Element!

@mk @fribbledom@mastodon nice. What servers do allow this? Wanna give it a try :)


but i don't allow registering users yet, because i don't know how long i can keep it running.

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