@lukedashjr ...an almost 10 year old issue... :/

FWIW I've used btrfs on hibernating laptops without issues in the past. Though not recently, as qubes doesn't play nice with hibernation.

@pete I made the mistake of using btrfs once. Never again.

@lukedashjr I've used it on most of my machines for years, both with and without RAID1. Never had any issues. And it's checksums have saved me from failing hardware on a few occasions.

@pete btrfs got to the point my IRC connections were timing out because the IRC client was blocking on writing log files...

@lukedashjr How long ago was that?

Many years ago there were performance issues like that. But they seem to have been fixed.

@pete I also didn't like the fact that when I found a bug, I had to fix it myself. :p

@lukedashjr What hardware setup? Any unusual usage patterns? Use of snapshots heavily?

All the performance sensitive stuff I use it for is on ssd's; I use it on backup drives too. But if they had latency spikes I'd never notice.

@lukedashjr That might be it then. I don't keep more than a few dozen snapshots.


@pete @lukedashjr

i'm using ~1000 concurrent snaps on my zfs installations and never had a problem like that.

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