One of my transactions is about to be purged after weeks of waiting. Can we please start another scaling debate?

@mk How about else push exchanges to use lightning network and on chain. Let the user decide which to use. Last run the issue was Coinbase not batching their transactions. At very least they need to let the user select the fees.


If you are using a #Bitcoin :bitcoin: #wallet that supports #ReplaceByFee (#RBF), and have it enabled before creating your send #transaction, you can feel comfortable going on the lower-end of the #tx #fee range. If the tx doesn't confirm soon enough for you, simply #BumpTheFee using RBF.

Wallets supporting RBF:

There's also the #FeeBumping method known as #ChildPaysForParent (#CPFP),. CPFP can also be done if you are the #trx recipient.

@mk Less than 20 sats/B ? What are you poor or something ? Pay the fees bru...

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